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Software Engineer Skills Assessment Test

Software Engineer Skills Assessment

Assessment Details
Assessment Summary
A Software Engineer’s role not only involves writing code, but they must also be proficient in a wide array of skills which enables them to mix a deep understanding of the fundamental basics of software engineering as a discipline, communication skills, and the resources around them to produce high valued assets for their workplace. This assessment contains 10 questions that are designed to test the varying skills of the candidate’s ability to succeed and thrive in the role from a variety of different skills that are relevant.
Skills tested in this assessment
A Software Engineer must have the deep technical know-how to design, build and test a piece of software or system that they’ve built along with the skills to communicate what they’ve done to the required people. It is important to be open to working in a team as a software engineer as often you won’t be working alone. Specifically, in the Vervoe skill assessment, the following skills are looked at it in detail, algorithms, data structures, software architecture, and general programming skills.
What to test with this assessment
From a carefully constructed set of questions that test an important subset of the required skills to successfully be a Software Engineer, you will be able to determine their abilities of both their theoretical and practical implementation of important concepts in Programming like algorithms and data structures. Furthermore, you will be able to understand the candidate’s software architecture knowledge as this will show if they write code that will be underpinned by good practices. This will be highlighted by allowing the candidate to write code to a set of problems that require their expertise in both Java and Python to be tested.

About the Software Engineer Skills Assessment

Want to hire the best Software Engineer to grow your business? Use our expert Software Engineer skills test to hire the best person and never make another bad hire.

Software engineers work on many different problems, however, in general software engineers are critical thinkers who love to solve problems using their knowledge of software architecture and various different programming languages.

Candidates who perform well on this Software Engineer skills assessment will have all the technical skills to implement algorithms in multiple different programming languages and different software architectures. They will also have the soft skills to liaise with their colleagues when developing software.

You can expect to learn whether a candidate has a high level of knowledge of how to implement and identify the correct algorithm, knowledge of data structures, concepts of software architecture, how to implement lambda functions and if they’re able to write Java code.

软件工程师应该精通algorithms to ensure code is as efficient as it can be. Ensuring code is efficient will help minimize issues and positively impact the problem that an application is addressing. That is why knowing how to implement common algorithms will benefit them. Although algorithms are a small component of Software Engineering, it is a key skill to have.
Data structures, like algorithms, are one of the pillars of computer science. It is highly valuable to know at a fundamental level what the different data structures are. Using the correct data structures in the right place links back a sentiment mentioned previously around code efficiency. If Software Engineers are able to achieve what an organization needs with less time and effort, this will save time and money for the company. It also demonstrates extreme technical proficiency.
软件体系结构是软件的一个关键技术Engineers as it focuses on how components within a system interact with each other. Software engineers are required to understand the flow of an application, what it’s doing, to make it easier to implement when writing code. It also enables engineers to question and understand the decisions that are made.
Software Engineers will code on a daily basis which means they must be highly component in this area. They should prioritize perfecting the art of writing efficient, effective, and meaningful code which provides value in an enterprise setting. Programming is a very broad area, there are countless languages that are often changing and adapting which means Software Engineers should keep up to date with the latest technologies so that they are aware of any changes the different applications programming languages may thrive in.


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Question Type



Question Type: Code

你想要一个lambda函数来计算一个数字,if the input was 5 and the result was 10. what would be the two lines of code to achieve this and print it to console?
Question Type


Data Structures

Question Type: Multiple Choice

Desmond wants to sort a list of numbers. He uses a sorting technique which is a divide and conquer algorithm with the time complexity of O(n*log n). Which sorting technique does Desmond use?
Question Type


Software Architecture

Question Type: Multiple Choice

You have replaced an instance of the call made to a Session.iterate() in your hibernation application with a call made to the Session.createQuery() for an instance of a query. Which of the following extensions to the code would you be able to capitalize due to such a change in your code?

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Frequently asked questions

A software engineer test is a tool that helps the process of evaluating the skills and abilities of a software developer. This process usually includes testing for knowledge of software testing, software development, programming languages, and software engineering. The software engineer may also be evaluated for their ability to work with other team members and for their communication skills. The goal of the software engineer test is to identify the best candidate for the job. This process can be used to assess the skills when hiring an experienced senior software developer, as well as a junior software developer who is early in their career.

Vervoe can be used to test a software development engineer’s hard skills and proficiency in automation frameworks, integration testing, data structures, computer science, as well as various programming languages. These skills are important for automating tasks, deploying code, running tests, and managing data.

More technical skills that can be tested include data structures and algorithms, source control, integrated development environment (IDEs), databases, operating systems, web servers, cross-platform software, software testing, quality assurance, and encryption.

The ability to write code in programming languages such as Javscript, Python, HTML, CSS, and SQL can also be tested to determine the coding proficiency of a software develper.

A software development engineer needs more than just coding skills to be technically proficient – they also need a strong set of soft skills. Using Vervoe to test a software engineer’s proficiency of critical thinking, problem solving, attention to detail, good communication, flexibility and adaptability are all important when hiring the right candidate for the role.

一个软件工程师测试可以帮助改善recruitment process by giving hiring managers a better understanding of a candidate’s working knowledge. By asking custom questions specific to the job opening, a hiring manager can get a more accurate sense of a candidate’s qualifications. With Vervoe, you can access a library of pre-built questions as well as use custom questions to assess a candidate’s analytical and problem-solving skills. By using a software developer test as part of the recruitment process, hiring managers are able to identify the best candidates for the job openings available.

Yes, all assessments are fully customizable meaning you can edit a word or two or delete the question and add your own. You can also customize correct answer samples to your exact business specifications.

We offer assessments for any stage of your hiring process.

Top of Funnel:Screen candidates at the top of the funnel with interactive multiple choice questions that include multi media choices. You’ll be able to test knowledge quickly and keep candidates engaged. Assessments are quick to complete ~20min

Mid Funnel:Combine a variety of question types like multiple choice with media, video responses to see how they communicate and a couple of presentation or spreadsheet questions to dig deeper into their technical knowledge. Assessments take ~40min to complete.

Bottom Funnel: A great opportunity to focus on a single outcome and test extensively with a more elaborate question and some documentation around the process. Assessments take ~ 1.5 hrs to complete.

You can completely customize an assessment for your brand including logo, colors and intro videos. You are also able to customize all of the candidate messaging so that it’s unique to your brand and business.
No, Vervoe assessments test for a range of both job specific and soft skills like communication or attention to detail. This means you’re testing a complete set of skills so you can be confident the candidate you hire not only has the skills to do the job but that culturally and behaviourally they’re the right fit for your business too.
We offer a range of interactive question types including code challenges, presentations, spreadsheets, document uploads, video, audio, multiple choice with media options and more. Each question type is a sample version of the real life tool. For example a code challenge is a snapshot of a live developer environment where a candidate can complete a specific task.
We have an extensive onlinehelp centerwith video and written tutorials to help you get up and running. Our friendly customer success team is also only a question away and can be contacted via ourhelp center.
Yes, all skills assessment are customizable and can be created to模拟工作or task. This provides the ability to test a candidate on real-life skills and abilities required for the role. A unique combination of different types of questions can simulate how a candidate will perform in different scenarios.

Combining a detailedSoftware Engineer job descriptionwith a Software Engineer skills assessment can help to identify the specific skills and knowledge required for the job, and can streamline the candidate selection process. By writing a clear and concise job description, hiring managers can attract the right Software Engineer candidates for each role.

Vervoe’s comprehensive recruitment guide onhow to hire a Software Engineerprovides a competency framework that maps out the core job-related hard skills and soft skills required for success in the Software Engineer role. A Software Engineer recruitment guide helps understand the hiring process of building the ideal candidate profile, writing an accurate job description based on skills, selecting the ideal candidate, interviewing top performers, and making a job offer.

Vervoe is the most sophisticated skill testing recruitment software on the market. It uses advanced machine learning to create tailored skills assessments that are instantly auto-gradable, allowing companies to test candidates for any skill, and automatically grade their response at any scale.

Vervoe’s automated AI-powered screening leads to90% reduction in time to hire, and67% fewer interviews per hire.

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Use AI-Powered Software Engineer Skills Assessments to hire better candidates, faster.

See who can actually do the job, create efficiency through automation, and quickly surface the most qualified candidates so you can make data-driven hiring decisions that propel your business forward.

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