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Assessment Builder

Completely customize your assessment from scratch

Our AI powered assessment builder guides you through the creation from job title to skills and questions with sample answers.

Assessment builder

Useable templates you can customize

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Any Role

You enter the job title and we’ll help you build out a comprehensive assessment in minutes

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Skills Taxonomy

A definitive taxonomy of skills that correlate directly with on the job success for any role

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Immersive Questions

Engaging questions types that help you see how a candidate approaches a task

Skills Taxonomy

Not a stock standard role you’re hiring for?

每个评估测试各种各样的技能core to the role including both technical and soft skills to give the best overall picture of a candidate's strengths. This is an important part of testing as not all skills are created equal. Knowing a candidate can code in a specific language or handle data in a spreadsheet lets you know they can do the job. But testing their soft skills like communication or attention to detail will show you how well they’ll fit into the team.
Customer service manager
Assessment optimization
Competency Framework

Powered by a competency framework

All assessments are created based on a competency framework and a best practice template to ensure candidate engagement, optimal completions and successful hires. The competency framework maps the skills and attributes for success in the role. This data also comes from consultations with key personnel in the field and in depth analysis of key performance indicators and skill metrics.

Data driven content

我们的AI建设者也来自银行的公开validated questions each with optimized scoring data attached to it. This means the accuracy of the AI grading for these question types has already been tested and refined against millions of other data points. There’s over 300,000 pooled in our bank which are conveniently surfaced to you based on the skill you're testing. You can also customize any of the questions to suit the uniqueness of your business or even change the question type to better suit the flow of your assessment.
Assessment builder
Immersive question types
Engaging Content

Immersive question types

Our skills assessments use immersive question types that bring your role to life and help you engage and test the ability of your candidates. Imagine watching an Enterprise Sales Associate give a live pitch from a deck they’ve just helped create, or a Marketing Analyst pull game changing insights from data in a spreadsheet or a UX designer unmuddle and optimize your onboarding flow in under an hour. Immersive question types help recreate the day to day tasks specific to your role so your candidates can shine.

Explore more features

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Our growinglibrary of ready to use assessmentsare written by leading IO Psychologists and industry professionals.

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Anti Cheating

Our considered approach to anti-cheating means you’ll trust the results without having to view every assessment and candidates will remain engaged in the process.

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Assessment Insight

Optimize your assessments with in-depth Insights through reporting and analytics and make better hires.